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5 Reasons Startups Should Invest in AI Bookkeeping Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to be the next big thing in technology. Several companies and startups are now developing AI to further advance the medical, marketing, accounting and communications field. Smarter virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa were made possible - all thanks to the development of AI.

Since more companies now delve into the development of AI (to be used in different fields), investors are positive that the industry holds a lot of promise. But aside from venture capitalists, and individual investors, companies (especially startups) are also encouraged to make use of AI services as early as possible. 

Botkeeper is a Finalist for the 2018 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award!

We're proud to announce this week that botkeeper has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region!

The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of hundreds from across North America. The nominees are evaluated on 20 main quantitative and qualitative criterion, which include disruptive impact, market footprint, proof of concept, financial performance, technology innovation, social value, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.


How to Cut Accounting Costs by 50% with Automation- A Case Study

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Theodora Higginson Hanna, Co-Executive Director of Tech Goes Home out of Boston. Theodora (Theo) was kind enough to share a bit of her experience with bringing a new level of AI and automation into the organization by using botkeeper.

The Cost of Bad Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping. An often overlooked area in the business- and yet, it can dramatically affect the success or failure of the organization. Most business owners tend to back burner the accounting in lieu of the “here and now” items - such as sales, marketing, meetings, etc… and because of procrastination or lack of insight, some organizations suffer because of those mis-managed books.

The Rise of bots – and How Automation Will Reshape The Way You Work

Large corporations have been exploring automation, cloud computing, machine learning, and AI for years. Today, an amazing 80% of companies big and small are making the investment in these technologies. And impressive growth awaits the companies that are able to leverage these emerging technologies. Are you ready?

5 Things That Start-Up Owners Wish They Knew Before They Started

It’s true that most startups fail – up to 90% of them say the experts. Yet, many of the people involved in those failures do go on to launch successful companies. And yes, some have dropped out of university, slept in their cars, and have eaten mac and cheese for years before realizing success, but most success stories feature elements of tenacity, creativity, and going the extra mile.

5 Keys to Spotting Accounting Fraud in Your Books

Is your accountant stealing from you? You can call it robbery, pilfering, or swindling, too, but theft or misappropriation of business funds placed in trust with someone you believed to be a professional can be personally and financially devastating.

Interview with Brian Moran

We recently caught up with SmallBusinessEdge's Brian Moran to discuss the current small business landscape.

For more than 20 years, Brian has dedicated his considerable business acumen to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs run better businesses. A nationally-recognized expert, Brian has been named among the top 100 SMB Influencers in the country by both Small Business Trends & Small Biz Technology. Brian’s passion for business ownership was spawned from his publishing experience with such titles as The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Success, and Entrepreneur.

Making Sense out of Managing Employee Benefits and Taxes

The reality of owning a business is that a good portion of the day-to-day operation is spent on organizing, recording, and staying up-to-date on employee pay, benefits, taxes, and other issues. And as your business grows, so does the paperwork burden. 

3 Best Practices for Sustainable Growth of Your Startup

One of the biggest challenges for startup owners isn’t getting the enterprise off the ground—it’s building sustainable growth that sets the company up for future success. The entrepreneurial boom is occurring across the world, and there are more startups than ever competing for limited consumer markets. Add in the volatility of the economy and unpredictable speedbumps in the startup’s growth and keeping the ship afloat becomes a challenging proposition indeed.